Topics for contribution

The conference will be arranged around four important themes — Teaching, Learning, Curriculum and Assessment — using digital tools, in particular Computer Algebra Systems (CAS), Dynamic Geometry Software (DGS), Theorem Proving Systems (TPS) and combinations of these technologies.This includes, but is not restricted to, contributions to the following fields.

Teaching Learning
  • The impact of digital tools on mathematics teaching
  • The changing role of the teacher
  • Teachers’ professional development
  • Teacher training
  • Distance learning and digital tools
  • The impact of digital tools on students’ learning
  • Students’ attitudes toward digital tools
  • Understanding and knowledge with respect to digital tools
  • Algebraic skills and digital tools
  • Instrumentation and Instrumentalization
  • Creativity and digital tools
Curriculum Assessment
  • Design of learning environments and curricula
  • Implementation of curricula and classroom practices
  • Innovative practices
  • Promises of digital tools for curriculum development and administration
  • Assessment with digital tools
  • Web-based assessment systems
  • Problem solving and stepwise use of digital tools
  • Intelligent Assessment

Working groups

Submission of abstracts and papers for the following working groups will be proceeded via the CADGME conference administration tool (ConfTool), starting by 14 April 2014.

Francisco Botana and Predrag Janičić

University of Vigo, Spain 
Automated Deduction in Dynamic Geometry Tools (Abstract)
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

CADG Tools, Teaching and Learning (Abstract)

Setsuo Takato and Masataka Kaneko
Toho University, Japan

Collaborative use of DGS and KETpic (Abstract)

János Karsai
University of Szeged, Hungary
Computer-Aided Experiments and Explorations in the Math Classroom (Abstract)
The MCProject

Creative Mathematical Thinking and Digital Tools

Ulrich Kortenkamp
Martin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
Future Trends in Interactive Geometry (Abstract)
University of Education Weingarten, Germany
Open Educational Resources in Mathematics (Abstract)
Filip Marić and Walther Neuper
University of Belgrade, Serbia
Reasoning and Proving with Tool Support (Abstract)

Proposed workshops (so far)

Submit your workshop proposal via the CADGME conference administration tool (ConfTool) before 19 May 2014.

Andreas Fest
PH Ludwigsburg, Germany
Controlling Lego Mindstorms robots by Cinderella's scripting interface (Abstract)
János Karsai
University of Szeged, Hungary
Development of Dynamic Demonstrations with Mathematica (Abstract)
Kate Mackrell 
Institute of Education, University of London, UK
Dynamic Visual Resources for 16-19 Mathematics (Abstract)
Walther Neuper
Graz University of Technology, Austria
Expectations on upcoming TP-based software  demonstration and discussion of existing prototypes (Abstract)
Vladimir Shelomovskii
Deoma, Russian Federation
Interactive GInMA textbooks in creative geometry teaching (Abstract)
University of Education Weingarten, Germany
Mapping mathematics learning resources (Abstract)
Alfred Wassermann

Universität Bayreuth, Germany
Sketchometry - DGS for tablets, smartphones and interactive whiteboards (Abstract)
Christian Bokhove
University of Southampton, England
Using and Developing Interactive, Creative, Mathematics Textbooks (cBooks) (Abstract)
Péter Körtesi

University of Miskolc, Hungary
Using GeoGebra to study the Famous Curves of the MacTutor History of Mathematics archive (Abstract)

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